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This week my group members helped me to refined my interview questions.  I asked 10 international students, 7 of them study in Canada, one is in the USA, one is in England, one is in Italy right now.  After doing the interview, I found most people want to eat in a more healthy way. They all try to cook by themselves. However, the high study pressure make them cannot always cook by themselves. Most people do grocery shopping once a week. It also causes that they bought a lot. Sometimes, they may forget to eat it, the food will be stale and pass the best taste date. Especially fruits and vegetables these ingredients they cannot easily see the expiration date from outside. They also mentioned that some ingredients have over packet this problem.  They are easily to buy too much and cannot finish on time. Especially, when they buy in Costco, this kind big local supermarkets. Although Costco’s food is cheap and nice, however, most package is for a family. International  students who live alone or with one roommate cannot easily finish it. It also causes the food waste by this way. During pandemic period, most students change to buy ingredients online. However, they cannot see the real product and the detailed information about the product.  Lots of students also point out they cannot buy specific ingredients or seasonings in local supermarkets. They always need to go multi locations to buy food. Some students also point out that they do not know how to make healthy food more tasty. Most international students care about the food quality and flavour. They think tasty of the food is more important. Therefore, although some of them try to eat in a more healthy way, they cannot easily achieve it. Also the time limitation and irregular sleeping  and eating habits also caused that they cannot eat healthy.