This week, I developed my rough ideas and have three directions for my period D assignment.

The first idea is a kitchen guider, which canĀ help people improve eating efficiency from grocery shopping to cooking.


Grocery Shopping Stage: Locate nearby grocery stores, track food availability, food portioning reminder and tracking, expiration date tracking

Cooking Stage: Customized personal menus, nutrition balance guider, healthy eating habits tracking

My second idea is a healthy meal plans ordering app

This idea can help people who do not have to cook under pressure. It can be used when people who is lazy and do not want to cook. It can also improve the cooking efficiency for people who have beginner level cooking skills.

The meal plan orders placed according to numbers of people, ingredients the customer chooses, meal plans options and delivery time.

The meal plan have two options:

One is Ready-to-Eat Meal Plan (customized meal plans based on nutritional balance and the ingredients customer chooses)

Another One is Ready-to-cook Meal Plan (customers will receive a package of ingredients and a step-to-step recipes)

My third idea is a collective eating platform. It is an app introduce a new collective eating way and help people who eat alone to save money.


  1. People can book offline collective eating with their friends, neighbours or people have similar eating habits
  2. People can join virtual collective eating rooms, eat and chat with others, share they personal recipes or meal plans, help others eat healthier
  3. People can split bills with others and save money when they eat alone at home.
  4. The app can help people track their health statues, caloric ratio in their daily or weekly meals, even record detail information about their meal plans and nutritional balance tips