I created some story boards based on my persona studies

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I showed these storyboard and rough prototypes to my interviewers. They gave me some feedback about my current design.

Ideation 1:

“Only the weight loss menu is showed on the nutritionist advice page. It can easily give a misleading impression as if only thinness is a good criterion. I think it can change to various menus instead of just showing a weight loss menu. You can use a weight loss menu, a standard menu, and a weight gain menu to fit different population needs.”

“The recipes section needs an index table that gives a few general categories of dishes. Some people may not have a preferred type of food to search. You can provide some recommendations for them.”

“Ingredients storage information page may not need to mark the total number of leftovers, using food weight instead will be more intuitive.”

Ideation 2:

“The number of people using meals can show how many people include in this meal plan, but it is not a good idea to fit everyone’s eating habits. You can add another option for everyone in this meal plan explaining their eating habits and food preferences.”

“It’s better to use environmentally friendly materials for take-out packaging. Users can choose whether they want to include cutlery or not. If a menu is needed, it’s best to put the steps on a small card. Later, you can put the menu on the fridge, so it’s easy to check when you make the same dish again.”

Ideation 3:

To do a meal record is a good idea, to record your dietary intake to adjust your diet afterward.

The idea of split bills is good, but it requires a lot of users to use. “

I think you can make video categories according to the different needs of people for the community page. For example, if people who live alone want to eat with others, they can choose to do a live video. Some people like to watch serials while eating or someone wants to learn how to cook, they can go to another channel. More different channels are needed.”