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Final Ideation

Thanks to my group member helped me to clear my mind, those points that we thought out last week are actually not useless. They are good directions, just one problem about the recognization of garbage genre is unsolved within. Here… Continue Reading →

Ideation not going well

This week my group members helped me to think about my ideations. We thought this could be easy and fun to develop various interactions between the users and the garbage system. However, the group work didn’t go very well and… Continue Reading →

First Ideation

During this week, I start to think about my ideations followed those needs from the last presentation. When I browsed on the internet casually, I was attracted by the paper making technique that the person cut and boil the plant… Continue Reading →

How can I bring them motivations?

11.5-11.11 I continued to do the interviews and found out that there are many problems between the school, cleaners, and residents. It becomes a vicious cycle that the garbage classification condition is becoming worse and worse. From the interviewees, surprisingly… Continue Reading →

Rethink about the interviews

10.29-11.4 My group used my topic to do the practices on class time. It was about the interview insights analysis. Since I only finished 2 interviews, the outcomes are not enough and shows the insights very limited. I could feel… Continue Reading →

First Interview Results

10.21-10.28 This week I finally made my mind about the user group, which is 20-30 young people who are live in Beijing with roommates. This include people who rent apartment or university students who live in the dormitory. This was a… Continue Reading →

Research & Specific Result

During the reading week, I thought a lot about being specific of my topic and the user group but it was hard…I did researches about both Japan and Beijing’s garbage treatment and talked with many people about the pain points… Continue Reading →

Refined opportunities


During these weeks research, I found out that garbage classification’s issue is not as simple as I thought before. Some people think that it is the government’s responsibility to deal with the household garbage, they think since residents have the… Continue Reading →

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