Interview Questions

I will ask them for a picture of their working desk if they want to share it.

  1. What does your work set up look like in your own words?
  2. What part of your work station do you like?
  3. What part do you not like?
  4. How often do you take breaks?
  5. when you do, do you stand up and move around or you stay seated?
  6. Do you like changing position often?
  7. How do you sit?
  8. Are you active physically?
  9. If yes, what do you do? and how often?
  10. Does sitting for a long period of time bring you discomfort?

Reading week

I have been compiling all of my research, what is on the market, and other elements on different powerpoint documents to have a clear idea of what information I have and how it is presented and carries itself.

I will soon see how to have a link for these documents so they can be accessed through this blog.

Project Presentation

COVID happened. Work for a lot of people is now from home.

The reality with most chairs created on the market aren’t designed to be comfortable. Most chairs that people encounter on a daily basis aren’t made to be sat in for more than a few hours.

People have to sit on a chair for 6-8 hours a day. People had to purchase a set up to be able to work from home. Most people had to buy ergonomic office chairs

Most 22-35 years old professionals don’t necessarily have to space for this type of furniture. They have limited space which means limited furniture. Could furniture be designed differently? The help of ergonomic furniture helps a lot but it doesn’t mean it is ideal. Ergonomics of sitting in chairs is pretty recent. Looking at different cultures around the world shows that many people don’t sit in chairs as we know them. Most cultures use squatting, kneeling and sitting crossed-legged.

Looking at redefining sitting, and comfort in sitting.