Week 2 & 3 – STEEPV + Project Framing

For week 2, we used the method “steepv” to explore the possibilities of our starting point.



This method gave my imagination a chance to think out of the box. As you can see in the picture, I first thought about the technology field since online shopping is apparently a tech-related area. And then I thought about social issues like sustainability and big data.

And then I narrowed the topic down by choosing some keywords. For example, my broad topic is “rebranding” or “service design”, and I restrict it by choosing a brand: Gentle Monster. Considering the impact of covid-19, I decided to focus on their online stores.


For week 3, we learned the importance of framing the problem in a design project. With a clearly defined problem that exposes the user’s pain points, it’s easier to see what barriers are in the way of reaching that end goal.

“The (who) has the problem that (what) when (where). Our solution should deliver (why).”

In this project, both the brand and the customers are affected. The brand is experiencing sales volume dropping while customers are having a hard time accessing the physical store, but also not excited to shop online. Plus, not much “instagrammable” experience was designed for online.

The aim of the project is to focus on the experience and the needs of Gentle Monster’s customers and to analyze how design can help in online environment. The objective is to offer the customer a better online experience that helps to increase the brand influence and its sales volume.

Idea for Thesis — Immersive Online Shopping Experience

What I want to do for the thesis project is the online shopping experience.

With or without Covid, online shopping has become a popular way of purchase and explore new things. Then why not make it funny and attractive? The brand I’m focusing on is called Gentle Monster, a Korean sunglasses brand that famous for its immersive and experiential offline shopping experience. I’m wondering can the online experience be as good as offline?

Glasses are floating
Glasses are floating


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