Week 12 – Initial Idea


The initial idea was creating a functional virtual fitting room where the customer can enjoy their own shopping time at home. In this concept, the customer will be able to browse and try all the products in a smart fitting room. (S)he can view him/herself in the mirror.

However, I found that it is impossible to see oneself in virtual reality except by creating a 3D model. So I interviewed several end-users to gain their feedback on this “unreal” idea. As expected, people are more willing to see themselves instead of simulating models when dealing with wearable products. So I had to say goodbye to this idea.


Week 11 – Media Analysis

Media Analysis: Virtual Reality 

At the beginning of the semester, I decided to try something new in my thesis project. I have experienced VR and I really like it. With the VR technology, I will be able to create an immersive, imaginary, and interactive experience design.

Immersion: The users are able to fully immerse themselves in another world by wearing the VR headsets, cutting from the real world on a sensory level.

Virtual world: An imaginary space that independently exists from the real world. Relations and interactions can be fully designed by the creator.

Interactivity: There are virtual elements the user can interact with: picking up an item, swinging a sword, breaking a mug, pushing the ignition button of a plane, etc.

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Week 4 – Presentation Time


“I want people to experience the unexpected.” Said Hankook Kim, founder of Gentle Monster.

My presentation: shiyu-wang-research-problem-framing


  • Shopping experience contains many different aspects, from browsing experience to product packages. As an industrial design, the project needs to take care of many detailes.
  • Try to not jump to the solution too quickly.