Some sentences I like to take down after reading 01


  1. With a marketplace platform [like Airbnb], I just don’t understand how the consistency and assuredness comes through. The execution piece is not clear to me.

2. I think [this focus on reservations and capacity control] will be lasting. Once you get used to making reservations, you hate the idea of waiting in line.

3.  Because when your guests see you putting them first, that builds trust. And when you’re building a business—not just a travel business—trust is critical. Trust also means acknowledging when you don’t know all the answers.

4. There are three things that we think people will want. The first is to travel more locally. Second is affordable options. Third is that they want to prioritize cleanliness and private spaces.

People will have a different risk tolerance.

don’t think business travel will be the same as it used to be.

But new things are popping up, like our online experiences.

5. Which means that the length of a stay is longer, and the hotel needs to adapt. We have to make sure we have advanced technology to enable them to turn that room into their workspace.

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