-Product and app collaborative operation service(app + product)

-It can be a small object around us. It may be a pen holder or a light.

-The color of the light changes according to the information received in the app and the number of communication partners.

-The material of the light is soft, allowing people to apply force with their hands to produce shape changes.

The third concept is the combination of app and product. My initial focus has been on smaller products. The product could be a pen holder, a simple calendar, or a sticky note. I hope people’s emotional changes can be reflected from this emotional product. Its connected app can be a platform for peers to communicate and learn about themselves. Students can label themselves and find people similar to themselves to communicate with.

I got this inspiration from one of my interviewees. They sometimes have problems that they don’t need to communicate with their parents. Communicating with friends around them may be even stressful. Therefore, they would like to talk with others of the same age who have the same worries.




The most feedback I received from my interviewee is that they do not want the change of light to affect their learning. And hope the light can be adjusted by themselves.



-This “community” exists to provide an opportunity for both children and parents to get to know each other.

-Children can only see all the words and ideas from the “parents’ community”.

-Parents can only see the voices of different children in “children’s community”.

-People with the same doubts may find resonance on this platform.

The second concept is to help parents and children establish a good communication platform. I consider the importance of privacy for children. If it’s a public platform, I need to first make sure they can all communicate without fear of monitor. Children can say what they think because they don’t have to worry about being seen by their own parents. It also gives parents a chance to get to know their children. I hope they can not be disturbed by peers, and try to understand each other’s pressure. Provide more opportunities to communicate with each other.





feedback(user test):

There are are plenty of problems with this idea. My interviewee told me that they hoped that comments would not be added in the subsequent design, which would cause them to quarrel with people who had different views. So my idea now might be to build something that has a similar function to the thumb up system. More posts from thumb up might be easier for parents to see. At the same time, I also received some advice from parents. They are afraid that their children will have different personalities from the children in the community. They also encouraged me to think more about how to accurately target people.




(one of the organized sketches)

-I made some associations based on the natural expressing way of decompression mentioned by the interviewees.

-I wish to combine the natural expression of the body with the design of the products. 

-The shape and structure of furniture may change according to the mood of user. 

-Provide a relaxing experience according to some simple unconscious actions.

The first design is mainly about physical decompression design. The design is basically about the product and furniture design. The elements I might want to use at this stage are clouds and bubbles. Now there are two points that I have interests to think about: one is the cloud seat (drawn in the storyboard). There is also a tumbler bubble seat (the application of people’s habit of action.) And the circle is the purest form. But the use of theses two kinds of modelling may both need people’s gestures and action. This idea may is related to people’s natural expression.

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Feedback(simple user test):

They also give me some feedback. Some of them show more interests in the bubble one.And they care more about the texture of the product. They care more about if they are easily to clean and maintain. For next step for this idea, I’ll focus more on how to let people express their physical body languages more natural.



I have selected three directions of ideas: products/furniture, to help children communicate well with their parents, and help students communicate with peers. When I was drawing the storyboard of the second idea, I asked my user for their opinions.

My idea is to apply a sensor that can recognize people’s facial expressions. The device may have been placed in the shape of a cloud near the door. When a family member comes home, it uses facial features to judge how they are feeling. If they are in a bad mood, the color of the cloud may darken. It uses its darkness to remind family members that it’s time to communicate with each other.

I tried to share this idea with my friends and interviewees. They agreed that facial recognition would place an unnecessary burden on people’s minds. It may make users more stressed. And the accuracy of facial recognition also brings a lot of contradictions. I decided to abandon this somewhat coercive communication program. And start thinking about how parents and children can get to know each other. Privacy is a very important issue that I have to consider.



Ideation 2



I refined some ideas after discussing with my friends. It also gives me a general direction. I always think about some very imagistic elements. For example, it reminds me of natural sounds if I think of white noise. I associate the accumulation of emotions with the changes in the sky. Therefore, In many ideas, I have been thinking about the relationship between clouds or soft things and design. At the same time, I would like my design to have emotion. People could feel warm and relax.


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I conducted a preliminary brainstorm map to randomly think about which ideas and which elements may be used. Some ideas seem to be just a very abstract symbolic element. I roughly clustered all ideas into five categories: emotion track, sound related, physical things and natural express, surrounding environment, and communication (with other students or parents). Then I started to make specific associations in all the ideas. I found that my thoughts this week was a bit clueless. When facing many ideas, I may want to think carefully about the feasibility of each ideas. Or maybe some of my ideas may stop here because they haven’t discussed its feasibility in depth. So I may need to dig more on my ideas again.

Primary mind map on opportunities




Before this stage, I was thinking about the relationship between opportunity and specific concepts. I made some initial divergence on the theme of the original opportunities. I would like to get some elements that may be related to my design. I have thought about the emotional issues that my interviewees mentioned earlier. I found that everyone’s final demand for products or services is also different. So I was thinking that one of my designs should satisfy at least one type of insight.