I have selected three directions of ideas: products/furniture, to help children communicate well with their parents, and help students communicate with peers. When I was drawing the storyboard of the second idea, I asked my user for their opinions.

My idea is to apply a sensor that can recognize people’s facial expressions. The device may have been placed in the shape of a cloud near the door. When a family member comes home, it uses facial features to judge how they are feeling. If they are in a bad mood, the color of the cloud may darken. It uses its darkness to remind family members that it’s time to communicate with each other.

I tried to share this idea with my friends and interviewees. They agreed that facial recognition would place an unnecessary burden on people’s minds. It may make users more stressed. And the accuracy of facial recognition also brings a lot of contradictions. I decided to abandon this somewhat coercive communication program. And start thinking about how parents and children can get to know each other. Privacy is a very important issue that I have to consider.



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