(one of the organized sketches)

-I made some associations based on the natural expressing way of decompression mentioned by the interviewees.

-I wish to combine the natural expression of the body with the design of the products. 

-The shape and structure of furniture may change according to the mood of user. 

-Provide a relaxing experience according to some simple unconscious actions.

The first design is mainly about physical decompression design. The design is basically about the product and furniture design. The elements I might want to use at this stage are clouds and bubbles. Now there are two points that I have interests to think about: one is the cloud seat (drawn in the storyboard). There is also a tumbler bubble seat (the application of people’s habit of action.) And the circle is the purest form. But the use of theses two kinds of modelling may both need people’s gestures and action. This idea may is related to people’s natural expression.

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Feedback(simple user test):

They also give me some feedback. Some of them show more interests in the bubble one.And they care more about the texture of the product. They care more about if they are easily to clean and maintain. For next step for this idea, I’ll focus more on how to let people express their physical body languages more natural.


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