-This “community” exists to provide an opportunity for both children and parents to get to know each other.

-Children can only see all the words and ideas from the “parents’ community”.

-Parents can only see the voices of different children in “children’s community”.

-People with the same doubts may find resonance on this platform.

The second concept is to help parents and children establish a good communication platform. I consider the importance of privacy for children. If it’s a public platform, I need to first make sure they can all communicate without fear of monitor. Children can say what they think because they don’t have to worry about being seen by their own parents. It also gives parents a chance to get to know their children. I hope they can not be disturbed by peers, and try to understand each other’s pressure. Provide more opportunities to communicate with each other.





feedback(user test):

There are are plenty of problems with this idea. My interviewee told me that they hoped that comments would not be added in the subsequent design, which would cause them to quarrel with people who had different views. So my idea now might be to build something that has a similar function to the thumb up system. More posts from thumb up might be easier for parents to see. At the same time, I also received some advice from parents. They are afraid that their children will have different personalities from the children in the community. They also encouraged me to think more about how to accurately target people.


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