-Product and app collaborative operation service(app + product)

-It can be a small object around us. It may be a pen holder or a light.

-The color of the light changes according to the information received in the app and the number of communication partners.

-The material of the light is soft, allowing people to apply force with their hands to produce shape changes.

The third concept is the combination of app and product. My initial focus has been on smaller products. The product could be a pen holder, a simple calendar, or a sticky note. I hope people’s emotional changes can be reflected from this emotional product. Its connected app can be a platform for peers to communicate and learn about themselves. Students can label themselves and find people similar to themselves to communicate with.

I got this inspiration from one of my interviewees. They sometimes have problems that they don’t need to communicate with their parents. Communicating with friends around them may be even stressful. Therefore, they would like to talk with others of the same age who have the same worries.




The most feedback I received from my interviewee is that they do not want the change of light to affect their learning. And hope the light can be adjusted by themselves.

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