3 mock-ups


I made some small mock-ups, and used wooden figures to assist in studying the interaction between people and products. There are three options that I think have more possibilities for development. And I want to keep the cloud element. I got inspiration from a picture: We all have our own clouds.


Concept 1

While retaining the cloud element, I also added the bubble element to this design. Because I think clouds and bubbles are things that can give people a relax and happy feeling. Clouds are soft and inclusive. The bubble seems to be turning our dreams into reality.

-The small “clouds” could be taken off from the big one(magic sticks)

-The material of the “cloud” is soft touching material. Users could pinch or use any gestures to relieve their emotions.

-The balls at the bottom may collide and make some white noise to help relieve stress.

-pinch the big “cloud” to turn on the light.

img_2770 img_2781 img_2786 img_2780

img_2788 img_2789 img_2790


concept 2

The original idea. This concept will make users have a “cloud” above their heads. The sound of raining from the clouds above the head acts as white noise.

-The small “clouds” could be taken off from the big one.

-Press the small “cloud” on the big one to turn on sound and lights.

Different lights from the top “cloud”.

img_2791 img_2794 img_2799 img_2800


-All clouds can be disassembled and combined freely.

-The semi-circular shell can also be used as a container for storing them.

img_2808 img_2805 img_2806 img_2810

Sketches and development


I drew more sketches this week. When communicating with my friends and interviewees, I found that many what they want is pure relaxation. The screen-based interaction may bring more burden to them. So I decided to shift the focus of my design to the design of the product itself. At the same time, I also want to add lighting and sound design to this furniture. This week I also began to think about what materials should be used for my mock-up. Because I haven’t determined the specific final shape of this product, I decided to make some small models first for my users to make suggestions.

wechatimg117 wechatimg116

Concept1 development


I have received a lot of feedback for all 3 concepts. Most of them said they were interested in my first one (product and physical decompression). I recalled the many suggestions that my interviewees gave us at that time. Young students need an intuitive way to relax. So I chose to provide them with more physical decompression methods instead of virtual communication via mobile phones. Even so, I am trying to figure out whether I can add some screen-based interactions to my design. Or that I am thinking about whether this is necessary. This week I tried some interaction ways and prepared to ask some of my friends and interviewees. But what I am also thinking about is how to give people a feeling of being cared.