The final thing of my design may be a product type design. So I made an interaction diagram and business flow. The interaction between people and products is mainly reflected in three aspects:

1. Interaction between human hands and small clouds (pinch, squeeze)

2. The way people use the chair normally

3. The spinning of the chair caused by the shaking of the human body.

The business model is also worth thinking about. If it appears on the market as a piece of furniture, how to stimulate people to purchase is also a problem. I considered making the material and color of this cloud more variable. People can buy products in newly launched colors. At the same time, they can also recycle old products and the old parts.








Some feedback from my interviewees

1.Worried that the balls inside will run out. It is recommended to add a double-layer shell, which will be more stable as well.

2.Looking forward to more interactions on the light. (How to turn on the light)

3.The “cloud” inside can be used separately.

4.Provide more using ways. For example: you can embrace “clouds” as a pillow.

5.Consider the size.


img_2816 img_2812