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I started thinking about the topic I wanted to choose in the first place, “Stress.” I’ve found that for people, feeling stressed can be either positive or negative. And negative emotions are probably what I want to focus on more. We all have bad days. Every age group has its negative side.

I began to think about what the target audience of my design should be. Adults may be more mature in their control of their emotions. And perhaps for adolescents, they are more likely to be affected by stress and emotion. The stage of adolescence is also an important stage in one’s life. If a lot of psychological pressure at this time can get a lot of guidance, perhaps can avoid a lot of juvenile delinquency. It may also prevent many people from losing control of their emotions when they grow up.

So I targeted the users at 13-18 year old teenagers. From my perspective, this stage of growth will have a very important impact on life. And my final design should also try to consider how to guide them to express and release their emotions reasonably. Maybe this will make communication between family members more effective.

4 W’s:

1.Who is affected?

Teenagers(13-18) who are reluctant to express negative emotions

2.What is the problem?

Teenagers in adolescence will have a lot of negative emotions. They don’t communicate with their families in time and release their emotions properly, which may lead to disharmonious family relations.

3.Where does it happen?

Home/ between family members/ online platform/ community lectures/neighborhood

4.Why does it matter?

A lot of crimes or a lot of bad things that happen are associated with teenagers’ negative emotions. Expressing and releasing emotions timely can not only keep teenagers mentally healthy, but also provide a good family atmosphere.



Many teenagers are unwilling to express their negative emotions to their families timely, which leads to disharmony in many families and may cause many crimes or bad things to happen. My solution is to find a method to guide teenagers expressing their negative emotions to their families timely to keep mentally healthy, and to maintain the harmony of the family at the same time.



Topic choosing

I have been paying attention to many social topics to try to establish the theme of my thesis. There are several directions that I’m currently interested in:

1.About sustainability:

There are environmental problems that deserve our attention every day in the world. One of the most impressive news recently was that scientists found “green algae” in Antarctica. That means the greenhouse effect have spread to the polar regions. The necessity of sustainable design has always been worthy of our attention. As I understand sustainable design not only in terms of materials. From my perspective,“everything has life”. Maybe my design can start by extending the life of an item, so that it can exist in our life in another way when it reaches its life limit.

2.About personal emotions/ where’s pressure from?

Everyone has stress. The sources of stress are very different, and the tipping point of stress is different for everyone. The change of personal mood can be influenced by many external factors. I really want to know what are the sources of worry and stress, and what ways to relieve it.

Our senses can pick up signals from the outside world, and they can also transmit emotions. Take the human mouth for example. A lot of hurtful words can cause stress. Like the ear of the person who hears these words.

And each of us has our own unique way of dealing with stress, which I would like to know as well. For example, as far as I’m concerned, maybe coming home at night and listening to music while taking a shower is a good way to relax.