Mind Map

Mar 08


Image: Short words about those that I honor, on homemade recycled paper made by my sister.


Those that I honour:

  • Divy Uptegrove
  • Dolores Sallentes
  • Narcisse Nianzou
  • My lola
  • Marilyn Mendoza
  • Elizabeth Stern
  • Hannah Höch


Journal: What needs would you like to communicate from group work?

Regarding group work in the past, I think needs I would like to communicate in order to feel comfortable would be about needing space to think. More recently, it has come to my attention that I take a fairly long time to process information, especially with the pandemic, it becomes harder to do things more frequently. However, I don’t want that to hinder group to discussions, as sometimes it’s important to have a group meet often so everyone is on the same page. I hope that through talking about my schedule with my peers, I was able to show that need and display to my group what it is that I need within the discussion space.

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