Mind Map

Mar 05
Reflecting on
Rebecca Belmore, Ayum-ee-aawach Oomama-mowan: Speaking to Their Mother, 1991
Richard Long, Walking a Line in Peru, 1972
Belmore’s piece does more than act as a visual, as it “gives a voice” to those wanting to speak to the land itself. Belmore brings the importance to the land that we are on, and at the same time gives people to space to have a voice in protest. I think it really relates to the week’s theme as we talk specifically about North America, and both the previous and ongoing mistreatment of the land and it’s Indigenous people. Belmore emphasized the importance of being aware of the land you’re on and speaking up and doing something with the presence you were given, as well as talks about her own healing. She doesn’t talk about those things as being separate. Often, people see healing as being silence, or vice versa, view “stand up” as being broken. This piece shows speaking up and healing as being one thing. The artist calls on personally healing, and action to prevent the hurt of others.
The second artwork by Richard Long’s “Walking a Line in Peru” could have easily been imitated using a machine, but instead was decided to be made simply by walking over and over again. I feel like this speaks to the impact we have on the land we are on based on repeated actions that accumulate overtime. Things don’t simply “Just happen” but are a result of a bunch of factors and all of the things that happened before it.

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