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Mar 10

The work ad idea that struck me the most was Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung’s article The Globalized Museum? Decanonization as Method: A Reflection in Three Acts. The author addresses the new issue that has emerged as many gallery spaces attempt to address their lack of diversity within the art the choose to showcase. Although in an attempt to fix a problem, it seems as though gallery spaces may have the tendency to pick artists solely for the sake of seeming more diverse. This can lead to a new issue of having artists who are used as a “token”. It takes away from the actual work and the artist, and instead is a focus on how diverse the gallery space is.


I agree with the points that the author brought up about institutions doing things to “diversify” can, although with well intention, bring up more problems when spear headed by people who are cis, white, or male. This reminded me of Audre Lorde’s “The Master’s Tools Can’t Dismantle The Master’s House”. You won’t be able to properly dismantle systems while the people changing those systems are the people who have made them, still benefit from them, or don’t have a proper understanding of what the true issues are and what needs to be done. It is quite impossible for someone who hasn’t gone through certain experiences to understand what it is like for others. Just as I won’t be able to fully understand the life of a non white-passing POC, a cis male won’t be able to fully understand the life of someone who is a cis gendered female. However, this does not take away from the importance of attempting to understand one another. In fact, I believe that it further pushes the point that those in minority groups should have high positions in order to more accurately reflect the group itself. The art world is wide, and if only one view is reflected and shown to the mass public, the public view then no longer accurately reflects the art world. Although impossible to have one person represent a huge demographic, the current standings of having those in power be a majority of cis white men represents none of the demographic.


I liked the point that Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung made that in addressing this issue, is it important for things to be ongoing. For example, they mentioned regularly showing BIPOC artists in museums, rather than holding shows meant to represent artists from certain regions for a specific amount of time, to then be taken down. It becomes more integrated with the museum, and allows the programs and collections to be diverse and actively supportive of artists that are LGBTQ+ or BIPOC. Support and diversity should be something ongoing, and should become regular to the point where seeing anything but becomes abnormal.

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