Assignment1: Speculative Wearable

More than 4 billion people need to wear glasses due to impaired vision and other reasons today. However, glasses also cause trouble for the wearer in some aspects, like people who wear glasses in winter will have a fog layer on the glasses after entering the room. Simultaneously, the masks that people must wear due to the Covid-19 will also cause significant inconvenience for those who wear glasses. For me, when I wear a cover on the street, my glasses often mist because the temperature of my exhaled breath is higher than the temperature of the surface of the glasses, and no matter how many times I wipe them, the mist will reappear quickly. That is very inconvenient, especially when it is snowing because the sun sets very early, and I can’t see whether there are steps or obstacles on the road in many places.
On the other hand, in some places where there is no sufficient light source, it is difficult for me to see things clearly, which causes me a lot of trouble. The winter in Toronto is freezing, and few people are willing to expose their hands to the cold air unless they wear gloves. Therefore, I think some lighting equipment that does not need to be hand-held can significantly help people.
After mainly considering the above two points, my wearable device was born. It is a lightweight device that needs to be placed on the glasses frame.


My small wearable device should place close to the glasses hinge and screw.
First, there are several mini fans on the side close to the glasses lenses, which can collect heat through electricity, kinetic energy, or solar energy and monitor the lenses’ temperature in real-time through a detector. Gentle warm air will release to ensure that the lens’s surface will not be fogged due to the temperature difference when the lens’s surface temperature differs significantly from the temperature around them.
There will be a small flashlight on the other side of the device. When people need it to start working, they only need to tap it twice to make it work. The flashlight will illuminate the road in front of the wearer, and people don’t need to worry about the light source irritating the eyes because of the angle.
This small device can place on any glasses, including diving goggles and ski goggles. Therefore, this device can also install with positioning and alarm functions ( these two functions are free to choose) to protect the safety of those who go outdoor activities. Simultaneously, some people suffer from serious eye diseases, so the positioning and alarm system can also guarantee their security, and the same applies to the elderly. When people are in an emergency, the things that people wear on their heads are the least likely to fall, so I think the device is very suitable for positioning and alarm functions. When people need to call the police, they only need to press and hold the button under the device for more than six seconds to call the police automatically.
In general, this product serves all people. In addition to wearing glasses, more and more people now like to add beautiful glasses to make themselves more fashionable. Therefore, I also considered the possibility of personalization when designing this device. First of all, this device can divide into three parts after splitting: lighting, mini-fan, and positioning device and alarm system; these parts will be made into a whole, and guests can customize the personalized cover according to their needs.





In my imagination, this device needs to be light enough to make sure people do not feel tired after long wearing it, so I found a metal material called microlattice. Boeing Company discovered the microlattice in 2019. This material is very light (it can even place on dandelions) while also very strong (it can protect an egg falling from the 25th floor from breaking).
This material satisfies my imagination of this device’s interior: it is light enough (like liquid metal feels like), but it has a certain quality (high-quality metal).


Regarding the device’s appearance, I don’t want it to display in front of people in the traditional way of metal and plastic. I hope that this device’s appearance can be customized, and different people’s styles determine the use of other materials (like I prefer wood materials).
The phrase “technological products” always reminds people of metal, cold and cool colours. However, technological products can also have a temperature, so animal hair, cloth, and ceramics are also within my consideration.


1. Home Automation Systems-Monitor the situation of the house, and directly call the police through the mobile phone application.

2. Anti-Fog Glasses- Use chemicals to help lenses stay away from fog for a period of time.


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