Welcome to the ADVR 1004 First year Strategy blog

Hello, and welcome to the Strategy blog where Project 02 can be uploaded. Here, you will be able to share your in-progress developments, creative prototypes, and thoughts in text, imagery, visual and auditory media. You will also be able to tag, link, comment, and support your colleagues’ work, and provide feedback.

This OCADU digital space is open for everyone in the class, therefore it is no less a place for our community, which requests your respectful dialogue and care.Feel free to edit your profile and link to your works, or social media. If there are any concerns about the use of the space, please forward comments to jirizawa@faculty.ocadu.ca. For any comments that offer encouragement, shout-outs, hugs, and high-fives, share and forward to all ❤️.

Looking forward to your work, and be brave!