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  1. Hi Josh,
    love to see how ally commitment to a community requires a development over time, accountability, and sustainable relationship-building. A badge of recognition is perhaps one way to show an achievement, as it can communicate that the vetted partners are investing in practices of decolonizing Tkaranto with approval from the communities. A list of associations and partnerships can also act as a directory to resources and knowledge, and can promote the ways people can offer support. Could such badges of recognition also be a marker to site-specific places, to educate or inform the public on what issues are at stake on the land, and which partners are helping out in these places? Whether it be reserves, unceded territories, conservation areas, municipal urban occupation / private; the public has much to gain from learning about environmental and social sustainability through its history and current projects taking place. Looking forward to the development of the project!

  2. Good work! I’m Excited to watch your career, and happy to have worked with you.

    While Identifying your positionality you put words to something really important. Recognizing that it’s not only going to affect you – but has already affected your approach even before the inception of any ideas – that’s a hard bias to identify, but really important just the same.

    Feedback in the Advertising Strategy Format:

    1. I think in your insight, You hit the nail on the head first thing. It’s really important to identify the disconnect between how we perceive people online, and who or what the experience of them actually is. Celebrity is great but also builds false perceptions and can distort reality.

    2. What do people believe
    People definitely are inclined to make quick alliances with people socially, especially as a performative act. We can never measure someone else’ genuineness or intention – but proving that they have met a standard of participation at least acknowledges a past commitment.

    3. What do you want them to believe
    Being publicly supportive is good – but it must be valued with action. Calls to action are meaningless without follow-through.

    4. What is the idea and how is it supported the through execution

    If the idea is that by rewarding active participation, we will begin to value a different kind of public support, then I think you got it.

    5. Role of communication/ story
    The Campaign will pub commemorate physical commitments and time based to positive action.

    6. Tone of voice
    I think the tone is authoritative – but in a celebratory way, and that’s good. I think it’s appropriate that it should come from someone with the tone of a regulatory body that brings validity to the community it represents.

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