Project 2- Evolution of the Land

I’m born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and have lived in the city for most of my life. More specifically North York. At the time of this writing I currently live in an apartment with my parents in North York and have been living here for about 7 years now. I come from a Chinese and Filipino background, with my mom being born here in Toronto, whereas my dad was born in the Philippines but later immigrated over to Toronto while he was young. Throughout my life I’ve moved around the GTA from Vaughan to Newmarket and finally back to North York. 

I’ve always been a city boy and same with my parents. We’ve all grown up within a city environment and to take us out of it would be a huge shift for us as a family. The convenience of being around so many things and not having to commute too far or worry about variety isn’t a problem and so the city lifestyle as a whole is extremely familiar and comfortable to me. The respect for the land is due to the struggles and hardships my parents and their parents have had to go through. I’m also extremely grateful for the benefits and opportunities I’ve been given due to their sacrifices and hard work.

Reflection and Reciprocity: A way to remember those who have passed even though the land continues to develop and change. Hopefully it encourages and motivates people to remember and realize the history of not only their ancestry but the history of the land they either work on or live on. The idea of post memory and keeping someone’s memory alive serves to appreciate a person’s upbringing and hardships. What I hope my story contributes to is the motivation to help people appreciate what both the land and their family has done for them, while also displaying how the bad in a certain area can be pushed aside and evolve into something better.

Idea: To tell a visual and audio story of someone who has perished to crime in Toronto and to not forget the struggles and hardships some go through while living in an urban environment. An audio interview with my mom with animated visuals to support. My story will be my mom telling her experience and story of losing her father in a store robbery and giving me her insight into how she remembers that particular area, while contrasting how she sees it now.

Documentary set up:

B rolls


Questions: Who are you and what generation of Canadian are you?

What significance does this place have to you?

How was it growing up as a foreigner 

How has everything evolved and changed since?

How would you describe the hardships of growing up in the city?

Would you say the city has gotten better in terms of crime?

What about the people?

What about the area?

Describe how you’ve benefited from the opportunities given to you. 

Describe your appreciation.

A mini documentary of an ordinary person. 

A story of someone who isn’t famous or extremely wealthy or even someone who’s made ground breaking discoveries. Just someone who has ordinary problems and a unique story and history to herself. Just like we all have a story of our own.

A relatable documentary.

Things happen but we all move on and learn. The land evolves, people evolve, but memories stay the same.

Story Board: cinematic

2 thoughts on “Project 2- Evolution of the Land”

  1. I love this idea. I think it really shows what we’ve learned in this course, and how a genuine story really drives meaning behind a work. Your idea for the documentary about your mom is a great way into showing how personal a city can be to someone, and the execution of your idea, your storyboard, and the tone of your questions really communicates that well. I think this idea would be super inspiring, and meaningful if you could actually execute it, we need more relatable, authentic, stories of hardships, and along with the mundanity of living in Toronto. Good work 🙂

  2. I really like your idea of how you wanted to go by generation in Toronto and really talk about with everyone how Everyone grew up and what the living experience was like in the same area at different times. I think you could make a blog or a website for Torontonians if they’re interested in discussing amongst each other. You could make multiple social media platforms for this and people could discuss appreciation for their favorite parts of Toronto.

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