Project Outline

In this final project, I will be telling my story about land from its relationship with the acquisition and loss of language. I will be using comic strips to think back on a few key moments I had as a child with language and places. Each strip will deal with my experience in a specific location/suburb of the city and how those places inform a different relationship with language.


My positionality

A 1st generation Chinese-Canadian living in Montreal, QC from the age of 5. I will be going through my experience of learning French, English and of losing a portion of my mother tongue after moving to new environments.



This is an opportunity to share with others how the small moments of someone’s experience can be at the core of their experience. It is also a window for others to share or comment on similar life experiences.


For immigrant children arriving in Quebec, going to french school is part of their journey. Most of these schools have a French-only policy for students playing in the school yard or in classrooms. 


Tone of Voice

Using a casual register to narrate through little mundane scenes that come together and form a whole story of immigration, growing up, and building self-identity.



3-4 comic strips drawn with ink, with short paragraphs of text to introduce and conclude.