Project 2 pt1?

Project 002

Edyn Rubbens 

1: I am from a small town called Whitchurch stouffville, which is about 40 minutes north of Toronto. More specifically my community is mostly farm properties and small subdivisions. My grandparents bought a 10 acre farm property in 1965 to start their family; The property had no trees, just fields, a barn, house and a log cabin which was the original house that was built in 1850 when the settlers first arrived.  Over the next 50 years my grandpa set out to create a forest of his own, planting around 1200 trees across the property. I grew up in a small house in Aurora, Ontario  and moved to my grandparents property when I was about 10 years old where we built our own house so that we could be surrounded by nature and family. 

2: My relation to the property I live on has changed many times throughout the years of living here. When we first moved I really hated living here, mostly because I had to leave the small community that I grew up with; I was far away from my friends, school, and all the places I loved. I didnt even have the ability to just walk to my neighbours house to play with my friends anymore. However now that I am much older I have learnt to love and appreciate the land where I live. I’m constantly surrounded by nature which is something that I have always loved. My go-to place would have to be my back porch, I love to eat my breakfast outside in the sunshine or just lay in the hammock, but my favourite thing about where I live would have to be the darkness at night. On summer nights I lay in the field with my family and watch for shooting stars, or I fall asleep looking out my window at the stars. 

3: Eventhough im not surrounded by a community like in a subdivision and my friends and family can’t just walk to my house we have created a place where people love to visit, whether it’s for a hike, swim, bonfire or a tobogganing day

4: My grandpa considered himself a steward of his land, and that he purchased the property with the intention of creating a space for his family to enjoy nature and all its bounty for generations to come. 

Idea for Final:

Video showing pictures and videos of property w voice over talking about history etc