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Where I am living?


Changsha is the city where I was born. Changsha is located in the south of the
Yangtze River in Central China,It is a city have passionate. It is also an important grain
production base in China, an important node city in the middle reaches of the
Yangtze River urban agglomeration and the Yangtze River economic belt.
Comprehensive transportation hub. Changsha has three major industries: agriculture,
forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, industry and entertainment.


YUELU Mountain

Yuelu Mountain is a very good scenic spot, also full of my childhood memories. Yuelu Mountain is located on the West Bank of Changsha City, Hunan Province. It is also the highest peak in the mountains. There are 977 plant species and many ancient trees in Yuelu Mountain.
There are 15 protected cultural relics in Yuelu Mountain, especially Yuelu Academy, which is listed as the first of the four ancient academies in China. Because Yuelu Academy at the foot of the mountain, ancient Lushan temple at the mountainside, and Yunlu Taoist Palace at the top of the mountain. Therefore, Yuelu Mountain is also an area where Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism blend with each other.There are many kinds of people here, some for exercise, some for soul washing, and some for Changsha view.People of all ages will go to Yuelu Mountain to experience nature and escape from the noisy world. You can get to Yuelu Mountain in many ways, such as subway, bus.


Yuelu Mountain is a mountain in the city. It’s only one kilometer from the city
center.Its existence is unique to Changsha. When you want to stay away from
the noise of the world, when you want to find a challenging sport for your
weekend, you can walk into Yuelu Mountain.
Many people have learned a lot from Yuelu Mountain. For example, I learned
from Yuelu mountain that what is paid will be rewarded, what is tolerance and
what is shock. When I first climbed Yuelu Mountain, it was very hard, but when
I saw the beautiful and shocking scenery, I suddenly felt relieved. With the
increase of time and age, I feel different every time. This is the power of
nature. When everyone enters the nature and is embraced by nature, they will
feel more relaxed than ever before. Maybe this is nature’s unconditional love
for human beings


People have a strong sense of belonging to the city and country where
they were born. Changsha is a place where you feel a strong sense of
belonging. The city contains a very young, modern and popular culture.
It also retains the traditional cultural heritage. Yuelu Mountain and the
downtown of the city are the combination of modern and historical.
Yuelu Mountain provides us with a perfect natural place to hide in the
embrace of nature. Let‘s go back to ancient times and slow down our
pace of life. Feel the love frome nature. This is what modern people lack
most. We should protect the place of nature, nature will give human
unconditional love, but we can‘t act recklessly. We should know how to
conmunicate with nature. And always in awe of nature.

My land- Muskoka

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