1000 Years of Peace by Christina Da Graca

1000 Years of Peace

Watch Film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGDaQWrt2Ys

“we can cultivate life by using nature as a model…If we learn to do so in ways that nourish life, we may awaken individually and collectively to the wisdom of the Maori proverb Ko au te whenua. Ko te whenua Ko au: I am the land. The land is me.” (Provenza 2021).  Have we ever thought to consider our origin story and taking it further by possibly returning to it? What was mankind created for what was our original intended purpose? I think the easiest way to find the answer to this is to observe other life on earth. During this pandemic I found myself drawing strength from birds, trees, and clouds because despite what was going on for us they just continued doing what they always did completely unaffected by whatever mess we were dealing with. When Spring came, trees budded and birds returned. When it was summertime, weeds still took over my garden and raccoons roamed the neighbourhood. In fall leaves changed colour and things took its usual autumn silence then winter came again and the snow fell. Everything acted as it was designed to act. I believe this rings true for humanity except somehow we started to act against our natural design, our destiny to live and prosper amongst other life but instead we became preoccupied with something else. “The root of all things and the origin of life are the same, and so returning to destiny is simply returning to nature” (Shiling 504).  I’d like to say we could return but something about return implies backtracking so how about a second chance?

‘All things in accordance with nature are to-be-taken, and all things contrary to nature are not-to-be-taken.’ And again: ‘All things in accordance with nature have worth, and all things contrary to nature are unworthy’ – Stobaeus

This film is about a girl who wakes up during a thousand years of peace based on the prophecy in the book of Revelations. She is gifted many things such as food, clothing and tools in which she builds a unique relationship with. Throughout the film her curiosity develops into confidence and she begins to nurture a spiritual relationship with her surroundings and her giver. 

This film is also meant to romanticize life in nature. We all know it takes a lot of work to tend to the earth and it’s not a task for the faint hearted. However this is a story that is meant to represent how humanity was intended to be before the fall of man in Genesis 3. As stated above this is not a return to the past but instead hope for the future. In Revelations there is a prophecy that worthy men and women will have one more chance to live in harmony on earth before eternity begins. Children born during this period will not know pain, war, or strife. However the imprints of previous atrocities will remain and the tools once used to cause harm will be used to cultivate life.

My intention is to promote the idea that we are extremely dependent on the earth. As a matter of fact we are the earth. We shouldn’t view ourselves as a separate entity as us and then that but all of it is us. I want people to change their perspective of living completely off the land. Many people may view this as primitive or alternative but in fact it is the first way and only way that actually makes sense. This is a subtle critique on urban life, capitalism and industrialization and a call to return back to unifying with ourselves…nature.




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