‘Colour Me!’, the Pollen-picking Game

“Hello” from Peggy, John and Hudson. We’d like to introduce you to our new game, ‘Colour Me!’ ‘Colour Me!’ is a two-player, Kinect-based game.

The game world consists of a stick figure in a landscape of simple shapes and colours. The figure’s chest is round and contains a grid of 25 empty circles. This grid represents the task ahead and player progress. As the player brings flowers to her chest, their orange pollen is incrementally transferred to the grid. As pollen storage grows, the grid becomes more orange: hence the game’s name.

The first player must pick at least 20 flowers before the sun sets. If she doesn’t, a monster rises up to devour her. But getting and keeping the flowers is no easy task: the player is hindered by the random appearance of stinging bees, of poisonous flowers and by the effects of wind. Each of these elements, unless avoided or defeated, has a subtractive effect on the amount of stored pollen.

The bees are the most dangerous of all: it is the task of the second player to defend the first player by using wind to prevent them from stinging her.

The game uses Arduino and Processing to communicate with two actual, motorized fans set on either side of the playing area. The second player has been deliberately set behind and out-of-view of the game’s projection: he can only act according to instructions vocalized by the first player. This arrangement encourages loud, clear communication and teamwork between players. You can’t win on your own!

This is a fun, physical game and we hope it piques your interest!

Please enjoy our final video:

Our code is available here:


‘KRF_kinectSkeletonServer_v1_4’ is the Processing sketch that serves up the Kinect data.

‘Fans_Rev5’ is the Arduino sketch which runs the fans and provides the fan activity data to our game.

‘Skeleton_Maker_Rev15’ is the Processing sketch of our game.  It contains many tabs to keep things organized and house the different game assets such as the bee, monster, and character body.

Here’s some early concept work that led to our final game:

Concept drawing _ John


Concept sketch _ Hudson

Concept drawing_Peggy


Here is a video of the early bee prototype from Peggy:

Here is a video of Hudson’s early skeleton generation code:

Here is a video of John’s early wind control mechanism:

More fan motor action:




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