I have whispered to the internet.

I have whispered to the internet, and it has heard me. But only locally, so not really.

I’ve been learning to send data over the internet via pachube/cosm today and have managed to make values readable locally through my browser. My arduino is running standard firmata and sending potentiometer values to processing. Processing is using the eeml library to send values through port 5210.

The next step is setting up a cosm feed that can read these values. However I have been having a bit of trouble so far, especially because most tutorials have been written for pachube. But when pachube switched to cosm the interface changed, so further learning adventures are needed.

Here is a link to the tutorial page for reading and sending data through processing and arduino. That page contains all the library downloads that you need.

One thing to keep in mind if you are using firmata to processing, the standardFirmata code defaults to a baud rate of 57600, whereas the pachube processing code defaults to 115200. Make sure that you either change the firmata or the processing baud rate if you want the data to be legible.

See you soon friends.

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  • Cristopher Ramon Mora

    Hey everyone,

    Just did the above tutorial and had some problems. After a little googling, I got it working after installing and using Processing 1.5.1 which is under ‘Stable Releases’ on the processing site.