Box o’ Secrets by Pui, John, Andrew & Cris

The idea for the Box o’ Secrets began with the desire to make online communication more human. We thought about the distance between family and loved ones and wondered whether that gap could be bridged with the technology we are working with.

At some point, our conversation turned to the content of the communication as . . . → Read More: Box o’ Secrets by Pui, John, Andrew & Cris

Cris: Serial Tutorial

I completed the serial tutorial yesterday. Though I got everything to work, I can’t say I understand what every line of code is doing. Conceptually and logically I understood the key lines of code, but would like to look deeper into what exactly is happening.

Had a little trouble with the circuitry for a few . . . → Read More: Cris: Serial Tutorial

A Record Player That Turns Felt-Tip Doodles Into Electronic Music

Check this out. I think it’s pretty cool and seems simple enough. Do you think they’re using something like Processing? Would you need anything more?

This is the link to the full article:

Memory Room: Yuxi, Ryan & Cris

It’s impossible to move, to live, to operate at any level without leaving traces, bits, seemingly meaningless fragments of personal information.

– William Gibson

We were interested in creating a project that allows a user to engage with a person in another time and place. By leaving a trace behind for others or engaging in . . . → Read More: Memory Room: Yuxi, Ryan & Cris

Cris Mora: Slouch (& Crouch!) Detection Suspenders

I am a chronic sloucher. Particularly at work and overtime this can have a serious impact on one’s health. This project was born out of the desire to eliminate a self- induced workplace hazard, combined with the realization that our work places can now be anywhere. Therefore, the solution had to be mobile and not . . . → Read More: Cris Mora: Slouch (& Crouch!) Detection Suspenders

Hello, my name is Cris

Hi everyone, my name is Cris.

I grew up here in TO, but have been working abroad for a number of years and just moved back for the DFI program. I have been working as an arts administrator in Calgary, Singapore and London.

All of this stuff is new to me and I’m excited . . . → Read More: Hello, my name is Cris