Project 3: onemile


by Yuxi, Hudson, and Maz.

Concept: onemile

The goal of this project is to create a connection between individuals revolving around sharing past experiences. The system uses a hood, which records the experiences of the wearer (light, sounds, and step) at a random time when the hood is worn down. This recording is transmitted . . . → Read More: Project 3: onemile

Serial Communication Lab – Hudson

So I finally got to work on the serial communication lab after overcoming the many error messages I was getting (see post below for the solution). The first step was working with some buttons attached to Arduino in order to get an output in Processing. This wasn’t that dissimilar from the work my group had . . . → Read More: Serial Communication Lab – Hudson

Project 3 – ‘1 Mile’ group

Yuxi Wang, Maziar Ghaderi, and Hudson Pridham have teamed up to take on evil and bring you the ‘1 Mile’ project. ‘1 Mile’ intends to connect people and break free from loneliness by letting strangers walk a mile in each other’s shoes.

Processing & Arduino serial communication problems

I’ve been hearing from a few people in our class having problems getting the serial communication lab working. I experience these errors myself which was concerning seeing as how I used serial communication for project 2. Anyway, I tracked the error down to the version of Processing I was using. Downgrading fixed the issue. I’d . . . → Read More: Processing & Arduino serial communication problems

Full Screen Processing Window

I came across a Processing library that may be valuable to a number of teams. It allows stretching of Processing sketch to full screen.

This is great because the Kinect skeleton server doesn’t seem to play well with large Sketch windows (larger than 640×480). Stretching is the only way to go!

A Smart Coffee Cup Warmer

My project is a coffee cup warmer. It more than just a typical coffee cup warmer though; it’s a smart coffee cup warmer. It saves energy by checking if there is coffee in your cup to be warmed. It also has a few other features like two levels of heating (a hot one for myself . . . → Read More: A Smart Coffee Cup Warmer

Introductions are really funny.

Good Morning! My name is Hudson Pridham. I’m coming to the Digital Futures program with and undergrad in architecture from the University of Waterloo. I graduated two years ago and have been working in healthcare architecture designing hospitals from graduation up until this point.

My passion is user experience design; I want to improve . . . → Read More: Introductions are really funny.