I have whispered to the internet.

I have whispered to the internet, and it has heard me. But only locally, so not really.

I’ve been learning to send data over the internet via pachube/cosm today and have managed to make values readable locally through my browser. My arduino is running standard firmata and sending potentiometer values to processing. Processing is . . . → Read More: I have whispered to the internet.

Daisy Max/Msp patch

Hey guys. Just thought I would post the Max/Msp patch for Daisy. The patch reads in values from three proximity sensors through an arduino running firmata. If you are interested in Msp or with sound and programming check out the patch and just start playing! If you have any questions I would love to share . . . → Read More: Daisy Max/Msp patch

// the {de}Translation scarf


The scarf transforms the sounds from your environment into abstracted noise in your ear. The noises can be selected to reflect different emotions, allowing the user to choose how they hear the world around them.

The scarf can also amplify the noises of a person and broadcast them . . . → Read More: // the {de}Translation scarf

Oh, hey.


Hello everyone.

Most of you know me by now, but my name is Jackson. I come from an industrial and visual communication design background. I just moved to Toronto for the DFI program.

I’m a big fan of open source culture and am excited to be getting started with Arduino. Neat.


. . . → Read More: Oh, hey.