Arduino listening to the internet via wiFly

example1 example2

Text Files

In response to some questions today, here are some examples dealing with Reading/Writing text files

From the Arduino cookbook New method for Processing 2.0: CreateWriter New method for Processing 2.0: CreateReader Text file to Arduino

$1 gesture input

I haven’t tried this yet, but could be interesting

simple gesture input Processing

Usman Haque lecture video

Here’s a link to Usman Haque’s keynote at the Smart Geometry Conference in 2011. He is the creator of Pachube and gives an interesting overview of its uses:


More Project 3 Links

In Project 3 we will be looking at how to use Wireless protocols & Data Services to extend your space beyond its physical walls. Below are a few of the potential setups

Data Links

Cosm/Pachube Arduino Cosm/Pachube Processing , option2 Google Weather Search Twitter Twilio – text/sms


Ethernet Shield (available at creatron) WiFly . . . → Read More: More Project 3 Links

more files

files for thursday night

OpenSource Kinect Projects

In addition to Kate’s links, here are some opensource projects you should have a look at. Please add more as you discover them.

multitouch with BiKinect mappinect Controller Lots of projects on openkinect blob detection gesture input augmented reality with openPCL OSCeleton

New Project, New Downloads

Hi Everyone,

We will officially be kicking off the second project on Thursday night, but I wanted to pass along some relevant links for software/tools we’ll be using this week. The main things we will be covering Thursday are: Kinect, Max/Msp, and the principals of intersoftware communications.

The first part of the class will simply . . . → Read More: New Project, New Downloads