A New Indian Goddess: Nibeera

Yesterday on our drive to Shantivan Leprosy Center in Panvel Arielle, Arun, Felipe, Maya, Vanessa and myself were talking about the Indian Gods. We talked about the story of Ganesha and Karthik, we then asked Arun about the fables and he said they are just stories and that Hinduism is just story telling.  We then asked if anybody can create a story and we found out that as long as it has a moral and fits the general Hindi cultural basics any story can become accepted; the more popular the God, the more popular the story.

So we decided to create our own God by creating our own hindi fabel:

This young girl who was Karthik’s cousin, Nibeera, were playing together when they were children.  Nibeera’s favourite fruit was the manderina and she saw a bag and decided to eat a few.  However, the manderina she ate happened to be Karthik’s bag of favourite mandarinas.  When Karthik found out he flew into a rage and could not control his powers.  He chased her around but her being young, thought it was a playful game with her older cousin.  When he caught Nibeera, he cast a curse so that every time she cried she would cry tears of mandarina seeds which would grow immediately into a plentiful mandarina tree.  The catch to this curse was that she could no longer eat mandarinas even though it was her favourite fruit because of this it upset her greatly and made her cry.  Every time she did eat a mandarina she will become one step closer to becoming a mandarina tree herself.

Her heroic tale is to be continued…stay posted, pun intended.