Japur and Delhi

With all the hectic activities this weekend in Japur and Delhi from riding elephants, a crazy bus driver, wrong hotels, amazing dancers with a billion pots on her head, good food, weird tour guides, people trying to rip us off, interesting airline names, lots of shopping and almost missing the one and only thing we wanted to see: the Taj Mahal we were still able to have a great time and with a “cherry on top”, got to meet Jon Hamm.

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About Arielle Bourret-Klein

Hi, I am Arielle Bourret-Klein My major is sculpture and installation with a minor in integrated media. I am extremely excited and looking forward to the experience and the new knowledge I will be learning in India. I love being part of a community and being invited to be part of another is a great honour. My work usually involves sculpture or installation pieces that provokes a person's specific emotion or a study on how different situations effects a person's reaction. I hope this trip will open new possibilities to my practice by learning how to think as a designer and by learning from the culture.