Mommafezi’s Trip to Pune for Supplies

Today we went to Pune to find material which would work to block print a sari. It ended up being a hectic day, as many stores didn’t have what we needed thus sending us on a wild goose chase to multiple stores. To add another obstacle, many roads were shut and the streets were filled as it was the first day of a festival for the God Ganesh as well as an opening of a new temple. Though this slowed us down a bit, it was amazing to be able to witness seeing the status, which usually is only seen behind doors of a temples, to be paraded down the street with drums and dancers to its new home.

This store was stocked with craft and sewing supplies, where we were able to buy fabric paint. This was the only picture I could sneak in, as they refused any pictures being taken. They were extremely grumpy. But the selection and price of extremely ornate ribbons was so exciting! We were of course sent on a wild goose chase around Pune to find block printing blocks and never was able to find them. But we managed to get back up material processes, screen printing supplies.