Weekend in Jaipur Agra and Dehli

Following our second week in India, we took flight to Jaipur and visited the Amber Fort. We enjoyed elephant rides to the top of the hill where the building rested. Like any ancient architecture there is meticulous detail to every aspect of the red sandstone fort which was also garnished with marble. Following that we took a 3 hours bus ride as we rushed across Rajasthan to get to the Taj Mahal in Agra. It felt all to surreal to me standing infront of such a significant monument, it is recognized anywhere in the world almost immediately  So to stand infront of the building and walk aside it was spectacular.  As a added bonus we also seen John Ham, Donald Draper from Mad Men, which was an added bonus. We were there at dusk so unfortunately the blue sky’s of India were washed out but I really had hoped to capture a picture with the moon behind the building as if they were both two giant white marble moments in tandem. However it closes at 7, so we were herded out like sheep; Nevertheless a breathtaking marvel.