As time passes by, the memory of India is getting blurry, while what I learned will enlighten me and direct my future. As an artist, I often work individually. The Indian program gives me a great chance to work in a team. Although I still prefer to work individually, I appreciate the help and lessons from my team members. I got better understanding about design through the observation, listening when we are working: design is about people, their wishes and trying your best to make their wishes become true. Teamwork is about discussion, argument, negotiation, show understanding, and working out together.

Indian is a country I want to go back to visit again someday. I saw the potential and energy of this unique country: Indians are very open and respect to others. By others, I mean the people from other countries, as well as other species. I believe this will lead them towards a not necessarily economically developed country, but an even better and happier future.