Roadside night

What a week! Friday was much more relaxed as we met with our newly formed groups and began talking about our goals and ideas for the projects. We delegated roles within the groups and began thinking of how we might want to orient ourselves on Monday when we revisit the organizations and perhaps begin interviews. We had beautiful warm weather and were able to lie out in the sun as we discussed our plans. (Maybe got a bit too much sun!) The water was out for most of the day, which was a little frustrating, but I think all of us are really beginning to get used to the fact that that happens all the time.

Later on, we had the treat of our first dinner out with the group at Punjabi Dhaba, roadside restaurant. It was delicious! Some of us were very excited at the opportunity to have meat, as we’ve had a vegetarian diet since our arrival. We ordered naan, butter chicken and the Indian cheese-like substance called paneer. It was my first experience with butter chicken and paneer and I loved it. We also tried a beverage called lassi, which to me tasted like the yogurt drink Yop! (also very good). What made this roadside restaurant really cool was that we were seated on woven beds, complete with a little pillow. It was definitely a new and interesting experience and I think we all had a lot of fun. As a beautiful end to the night, we were able to watch the stars from our beds in the open-concept seating area, as well as the brilliant orange moon. Now we’re all packed up and ready to head off to Mumbai for the weekend!