Time to stop & smell the masala

After a late night of attempted Bollywood dancing and intense group meetings, it was time to prepare for our weekend trip to Delhi. The day started off with a delicious combination of dhokla, chutney, and chai. This was followed by group presentations, which each included implementation plans, where we received feedback and suggestions.




We then prepared our bags for our trip to Delhi. We took a three-hour bus ride to Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai. I had the pleasure of sitting with Ms. Tranum and Ms. Raksha. I’m not sure if they felt the same way about sitting next to me, with my sarcasm and stupid jokes. Either way they were stuck with me, as it is hard to deflect my jokes on a moving plane.

For example, I saw a beautiful temple with a golden dome-like structure from the plane window.  I then asked Ms. Tranum if she could see the temple, to which she began to laugh hysterically. I wondered if I had said something wrong but realized that a temple in India is like a fish in the ocean. The unique differences of these places are what make India so mesmerizing and multi-faceted.


When arriving in Delhi we were split up in to separate groups and driven to our hotel. I thought that the traffic on the DVP in Toronto was time consuming. This drive in particular was a unique array of honking where certain sequences meant different things. Just imagine bumper-to-bumper traffic where following lanes is optional.

After arriving at Hotel Tavisha, we ordered dinner from what seemed to be an endless selection of options and went to sleep dreaming about what more India had to offer.