Today was the calmest day at the guest house. I woke up really late and when I went downstairs and everybody was already on duty and doing something related to the project. I am responsible for the design of the products so my team and I had to make a decision about the products that we will be introducing to Tara Trust.

I was thinking what we could do for the tourists to buy when they get to Goa or before they leave. Then I thought maybe a summer kit could be useful since Goa is a vacation place for so many people around the world. The kit will be called “GOA Series” and it includes a beach bag, a cover up for females, 5-panel hat, towel/yoga mat and a smaller bag that goes into the beach bag to gather sprays, creams and other things that you would carry when you go to a beach.

Alyssa and T’mikah are working on the patterns that will be displayed on the products and they are trying to choose the patterns carefully because we also want to show the Portuguese influence that exists in Goa.

I did some quick drawings to show what we will be working on but did not make a finalization on them.

img_4364 img_4363 img_4366 img_4365

After a little bit more brainstorming, we chose to go with these products;

img_4367 img_4368


The pattern of the bag is designed by Alyssa and now we are working on the other three products that we will be including and which pattern we will be using on the products.

We also played with the materials that we got to experiment and see how it is going to look like and if it is going to be fast and easy to do. Block printing idea did not work out well because the paint kept staying in between the carves and created a mess on the fabric.

img_4334  img_4360


As we moved on, we kept experimenting with the material and made some handles for the beach bag we designed. After trying a bunch of materials, we decided to use; different coloured cotton cords.

img_4359 img_4356 img_4357 img_4358

And the monsoon begins.

img_4370 img_4361

I put my t-shirt out yesterday to get it dry but forgot it out there so it is washed again. Thank you Zeus.