Dance, dance baby!

We had an interview with the Park Hyatt Hotel, Goa branch’s marketing manager at 11:00 AM and one of my eyes is still sleeping and the other one is begging for sleep. On the other hand, I was excited to have my Nutella that I got last night with the toasted bread in the morning. After the breakfast, we rested a bit and then went to the Park Hyatt Hotel.

It was so interesting because there was an X-Ray machine and a metal detector in front of the hotel and a guy scanned our car with a machine to make sure that there is nothing explosive. The hotel was beautiful and so luxurious looking. There were tourists and local people who were visiting Goa. We waited at the lobby for the person who we were going to interview. After she came we went to the restaurant (which was amazing) and they offered us drinks.

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After asking a couple of questions, we started our tour of the hotel. We visited two different rooms and the beach. The first room was smaller than the second one and less luxurious and the second room was massive and there were rose petals beside the bath; which I loved the most. My team members and I took pictures of the products they are using in the rooms or generally at the hotel in order to brainstorm for women who we are working with.

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After our tour, we came back to the lobby and there was a person who was the HR Manager and we asked a couple of more questions before heading back out to our resort.



I slept three hours because I was extremely sleepy and the heat here is making me more tired than ever. After a three-hour sleep, I took shower and went downstairs to see what people are doing. As I was sitting on the veranda, the sky’s colour turned into orange! Megan and Alyssa went to the rooftop to take pictures and then around 7 PM, I went there to see what they were doing up there because it was dark already and they were not back yet. So I went to upstairs and they were chatting and chilling without me…







10-15 minutes later, the second group came back from their interviews so we went downstairs to have dinner together.


img_3942-jpg  img_3929-jpg


I am so picky in terms of food, so I was hoping that there would be rotis so that I could eat my Nutella with them and the rotis were there! After talking during the food, we had a 20-minute break and then Raksha took us to our resort’s fun zone to teach us some Bollywood dance moves. Some people got tired, the others kept partying! I really enjoyed the dance night.



P.S. I have my fourth eye now.