Tercero Día en Quepos

Today we woke up to a sunny Quepos, with another set of interviews ahead. This time we were allowed more freedom with the questions and after a group discussion on what the goals for the day were, what information we wanted to gain from the people in Quepos, and their views towards El Cocal, we got assigned our interviewees and went our separate ways. After the first set of interviews and some failed attempts to contact the assigned interviewees, we all got together for lunch and even had some time for a dive in the pool and do some sun bathing. We ordered lunch at the hostel and in all honesty I don’t remember the last time I ate such a delicious fish plate. Ten out of ten recommend. If you haven’t, you should try that option on the menu. We then went back to the interviews and at the municipal waste headquarters, some of us had the chance to visit Quepos’ Recycling Waste Holding Facility. Our experience was one of welcomeness and willingness to collaborate and even gain some additional information from the people we interviewed at the Municipality. All the groups got together to reflect on their interviews and share their experiences and what they had learnt from it. I personally had some time for an amazing nap between that reflection and an activity GVI prepared for the group which was not only fun it was also highly informative. I would say however to be careful on the naps, because Nash might come to aggressively wake you up, and you run the chance to give him a killer look unintentionally.

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