Day Four

Today, the group took a short break from conducting interviews to help with our project to visit the Espadilla beach. The journey to the beach consisted of a twenty minute bus ride. The route was scenic and gave us a chance to experience some more of the beautiful greenery that can be found all around the country. Our time at the beach was spent splashing about in the waves, playing beach soccer and simply soaking up the sun. We also enjoyed some refreshing coconut water (straight from the source) sold by vendors in the area.


After returning to the hostel for a quick lunch of casados, we headed over the Municipality building which was located a short walk away. Here, we got the chance to speak to Warren Umaña, a biologist who worked for the municipality. Warren was directly involved in the waste management system of Quepos and gave us a detailed presentation on how waste was processed in the canton. In addition to this, he also provided us with very useful information on the history of El Cocal as well as the relationship that exists between the community and Quepos, in regards to waste management. After the presentation, he answered questions from members of our group that related to the project we are working on with the community.



Our evening was spent at the hostel where we had a delicious pasta dinner that was prepared my some of the team and GVI staff.