Cook your own breakfast day

Today was an early day. At seven we were all leaving for our manglar expedition. We got on a little boat and drove through the river framed by manglares on both sides. Little Marcel paid us a short visit, and even jumped on board for a while before we departed ways. It was really nice to meet him, and even though he got a little upset with us at one point but I think we left each other on a good note.


The manglar was really beautiful and relaxing, but at some point the boat started to get stuck and we had to do a grand escape through a nearby short cut. A little house by the river welcomed us, and I can’t say I was disappointed. A cow almost ate my hair, and some cool safari trucks picked us up and drove us through the beach.img_0733 img_7006

Our driver was a really nice guy, and jumped in on a picture with me just because he can, what else.


He drove us through the beach and to the “Nacho House”. We spent some time at the beach before walking to the house, and some of us did some beach clean-up.It was overwhelming the amount of garbage we collected in such a small area in such a short amount of time, noting that this is an isolated beach no one really goes to, and all of that garbage was just washed up.


After our little clean up, some relaxing beach walks and some coconut cutting and drinking, we walked to the house to have lunch. The place was really cute and welcoming, there was a pool which of course we took advantage of for some refreshment from the heat. There were cute dogs everywhere and I had a special moment with a butterfly sitting on my finger, which I will bless you with in the following picture.


You are welcome.

Later we split up. A few of us went to El Cocal for some fun with the kids, and the rest of us went back. That night we had “the best Tacos in the whole country”, for which I don’t have a picture of because we ate all of the Tacos; sorry not sorry.