Day 12- Cacao

For the Waste Management and Pilot teams, our day started early at 7:00 am to sort a sample size of garbage in El Cocal as part of an informal case study to figure out the averages of waste, and recyclables. Although the weather was cloudy and rain-filled, we did our best to stay in high spirits while sorting all kinds of waste, as we knew that this was for the betterment of more than just ourselves. The small waste trial truly did give us a better understanding of where the community was at, and even revealed their willingness to try sorting their garbage.


After the trial, we headed back to the hostel where the collective of us decided to either rest, finish up Project 2, or continue researching. By 1:00 pm we were picked up by a taxi and a minibus driven by our tour guide Juan, who really sold the tour; his positive attitude, quick-wit, humor, and love for his profession, really showed through the tour and made the experience all the more enjoyable, — besides the delicious cacao. The tour provided us with deeper insight to the history and legacy of cacao and coffee plants in all forms, such as roasted and grinded cacao, cacao tea, and my personal favourite, the cacao liquor.

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After the tour, we were again left to our own devices until 7:30 pm when we ate breakfast foods for dinner; a spread of French toast, pork and turkey breakfast sausages, and cassava hash browns to name a few. Since it was my birthday, (Happy 20th Birthday to me!) I was greeted with two delicious birthday cakes to end off the night. Thank you all for the well wishes throughout the day and for the surprise by the end. I’ve had a day full of unexpected surprises and experiences which I’ll hold with me for a long time. Thank you!