Project 4– Pura Vida

Pura Vida, it literally translates to ‘pure life’ and has become Costa Rica’s (unofficial) slogan. After experiencing what Costa Rica has to offer, I can say that it is more than just a saying though. I would say Pura Vida is more of a lifestyle; one that embraces simplicity, one where you forget about time, step away from technology, follow the pace of nature around you, and be most present in your current surroundings. This is what Pura Vida is, and this is the serene experience that I am recreating through my exhibit space. For the installation of this piece, I wanted to make it as immersive and experiential as I could, so I played around with designing for the 5 senses. Each sense that I decided to design for is relating back to an experience that we had experienced in Costa Rica, whether it is the visuals, sound, smell, feeling
(touch), and taste.