Inquiring, Interviewing and Interacting

For the group working with Sadhana, the past two days were full of interviewing and diving further into understanding our organization better! Monday was our first day on the job and we were excited and eager to get started. We had a late start to the day as we were recovering from our weekend trip to Mumbai. However, that did not stop us from jumping right into interviewing the key stakeholders of our project. Stakeholders included the founder, Savita and cadres, Saroja, Abdul, Anand and Jaya. Each member of the group took on one person to interview and engaged in a conversation that yielded both positive and negative insights. Interviewing stakeholders showed us that we cannot always assume we fully understand the situation and we can always learn something new and interesting. Allowing the questions and answers to blossom into a rich and meaningful conversation gave us answers to questions we never had or thought about.


After collecting and examining the information from the interviews we then sat down to develop strategy directions we could potentially explore. We would hit some roadblocks occasionally, which is normal when working on any project, but these were easily overcome due to the expertise of some group members as well as our prof, Sarah. Everyone offers his or her own insights, perceptions and expertise, which makes working in a group so rewarding and engaging. Our next step is to participate in some observational research and involve the community in our design process.



Nicole Marie Rebello

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Major: Environmental Design

I am a second year student in the Environmental Design program, living in Mississauga. Being Indian by origin, but Canadian by birth, I have always felt close ties to India and felt a longing to go back to see family and friends and continue to experience and learn more about its culture. One of my life mottos is “always experience new things.” Whether it is travelling to new places or simply trying a new dish at a restaurant, I always try push myself to try new things.

In Environmental Design most of our projects involve working in teams and it is interesting to note everyone’s perspectives and creative ideas. I am looking forward to working with students from different disciplines and hoping to learn a lot of new experience and skills.  Participatory design is a relatively new concept to me. It is an approach to design that attempts to actively involve all citizens, users and people involved. I look forward to putting this concept to work during our trip to India.