We’ve been here for long, long time

AAA_5962AAA_5933cTwo weeks passed. It seems that we have been here for a long time, because every day was packed with layers of layers of experiences and activities. Our project has been restructured according to the feedback of the community and all the research work we have done. The whole day, we were geared into three groups trying to figure out project prototype. It was mind boggling and twisting. The weather was extremely hot, but now we have adapted into the environment quite a bit. Everybody seemed to be in good working condition, not any dizziness or stomach uneasiness was reported today. Monday night was our special night; we all ate out; the dean of Faculty of Design has come to GOA to see how we are doing overall and treat us for dinner in Mickey’s restaurant in Colva beach. Everybody got dressed up for dinner, men wore outfit and women wore make up, some even wore traditional Indian Sari, including myself. Facing the beautiful Arabian Sea, we sat along a huge long table, feeling the wind from the sea, listening to the sound of the waves. The half Moon was high in the sky, encircled by sporadic stars. What a poetic night in GOA – the smallest and richest state of India. Somebody mentioned our project during the dinner, others shouted at her, “please let go of the project, let us at least have some time to relax and enjoy after a long day’s thinking, thinking and thinking.”

Work is the most glorious thing!

AAA_4765AAA_4630AAA_4702Monday, May 18, 2015

After an exciting weekend trip, it’s time to go back to work. It called for a bit more energy to get up on this Monday morning. Fortunately, I am a member of the water group and I have work buddies stand by me. That makes life much easier. My group focuses on water sanitation and health education. First, every group member was assigned a title, a leadership kind of position in the project. I got a position, being responsible for doing budget, along with Yinan. Our project manager is Natassja, Christian is 2D leader, Melis is 3D leader, Kersti is logistics manger. See, all of us got promoted in a single day. Many celebrations! Once our organization was formalized and institutionalized, our work got done quickly and efficiently. Soon, we found a way out of the fog of the mission when Christian came up with a brilliant idea. Afternoon we went out to the community and began to put our plan into action. We moved around and made a lot of observations about the community’s water usage condition. Their water usage is really uncomplimentary. Our group was very glad to have a good start. Bravo! The other group – the garbage workers sweat even harder; they kept on working on garbage when our group concluded our job and sat inside the quiet and cool temple. In such a hot and humid day, walking inside the foul-smelling garbage and trying to find ways to help the community, they endure and carry on. What a courageous and benevolent act! After spending more than two hours in the community, we headed on to Margao city to shop. The girls and boys were thrilled to have some scoops of flavorful ice cream. Then we went to the market to try to find some blouses for our final dinner party. Though we were unable to load the right blouses, we all got crazy in this evening adventure. It’s time to go back our GOA home and adjourn for the day.