As time passes by, the memory of India is getting blurry, while what I learned will enlighten me and direct my future. As an artist, I often work individually. The Indian program gives me a great chance to work in a team. Although I still prefer to work individually, I appreciate the help and lessons from my team members. I got better understanding about design through the observation, listening when we are working: design is about people, their wishes and trying your best to make their wishes become true. Teamwork is about discussion, argument, negotiation, show understanding, and working out together.

Indian is a country I want to go back to visit again someday. I saw the potential and energy of this unique country: Indians are very open and respect to others. By others, I mean the people from other countries, as well as other species. I believe this will lead them towards a not necessarily economically developed country, but an even better and happier future.



Today we went to SADHANA,and interviewed their social workers, community delegates, and the founder. SADHANA is the organization works for fighting the equal human rights for cantonment area in India, which is district used to serve British and Indian military. India today has 63 cantonments in 17 different states. As a design group, we are considering to design a logo for SADHANA, which could be used for interior and exterior propaganda. Through the interviews, we got better understanding of the organization philosophy, expectation. Designing a logo as a revolutionary sign reminds us about the bird pin of Hunger Game, which brought us more excitement.

chaotic . harmony

India is very chaotic: I saw homeless people and dogs sleep all around in train stations or by street; cows eat and walk around the street; a lot of buildings are old, simple and crude; cars and motorcycles drivers never follow the traffic rules; trains are often extremely crowed, and some of trains don’t come with doors. However, people in India live in harmony with their animals and crowds. There’s no people drive away dogs or people who sleep beside street; crows walk on streets in laid-back manner; Passengers on trains play cards in crowd. Generally, Indians have a very unique living attitude, and they enjoy the present situation.